Anja P. Schmitz, Sabrina Weber, Annegret Zimmermann & Stephan Fischer

Talent management as a Human Resource Management task has gained in importance in recent years (Ewerlin & Süß, 2016) as the transition towards a knowledge economy has led to an increased demand for qualified employees and organizations are facing a high rate of dynamic change (Fischer & Häusling, 2018). An organization’s agility in dealing with these changes will determine its competitiveness. Agile organizations possess specific characteristics, creating a new context for talent management (Fischer, Weber & Zimmermann, 2015). This context influences the definition of talent on the micro-level as well as the talent management system (strategy, structure, and process) on the macro-level. This paper presents a first conceptualization of talent management in agile organizations and provides initial empirical insights from a qualitative study in agile organizations. The empirical findings are discussed with regard to further research needs.

Themenheft 01-2014